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.: SwapOut : UT Comic [2-23] :. by ZKCats .: SwapOut : UT Comic [2-23] :. :iconzkcats:ZKCats 214 54 .: SwapOut : UT Comic [2-22] :. by ZKCats .: SwapOut : UT Comic [2-22] :. :iconzkcats:ZKCats 214 51 .: SwapOut : UT Comic [2-21.5] :. by ZKCats .: SwapOut : UT Comic [2-21.5] :. :iconzkcats:ZKCats 174 39 .: SwapOut : UT Comic [2-21] :. by ZKCats .: SwapOut : UT Comic [2-21] :. :iconzkcats:ZKCats 192 20 .: SwapOut : UT Comic [2-20] :. by ZKCats .: SwapOut : UT Comic [2-20] :. :iconzkcats:ZKCats 256 68 .: SwapOut : UT Comic [2-19] :. by ZKCats .: SwapOut : UT Comic [2-19] :. :iconzkcats:ZKCats 299 142 .: SwapOut : UT Comic [2-18] :. by ZKCats .: SwapOut : UT Comic [2-18] :. :iconzkcats:ZKCats 273 97 .: SwapOut : UT Comic [2-17] :. by ZKCats .: SwapOut : UT Comic [2-17] :. :iconzkcats:ZKCats 275 79 .: 2ND ANNIVERSARY : UNDERTALE :. by ZKCats .: 2ND ANNIVERSARY : UNDERTALE :. :iconzkcats:ZKCats 429 16 .: COMM : [Skill Card] Sonar Style :. by ZKCats .: COMM : [Skill Card] Sonar Style :. :iconzkcats:ZKCats 84 9 .: SwapOut : UT Comic [2-16] :. by ZKCats .: SwapOut : UT Comic [2-16] :. :iconzkcats:ZKCats 270 68 .: SwapOut : UT Comic [2-15] :. by ZKCats .: SwapOut : UT Comic [2-15] :. :iconzkcats:ZKCats 289 70 .: SwapOut : UT Comic [2-14] :. by ZKCats .: SwapOut : UT Comic [2-14] :. :iconzkcats:ZKCats 246 30 .: DOODLE : Dancing In The Rain :. by ZKCats .: DOODLE : Dancing In The Rain :. :iconzkcats:ZKCats 95 6 .: SwapOut : UT Comic [2-13] :. by ZKCats .: SwapOut : UT Comic [2-13] :. :iconzkcats:ZKCats 252 47 .: SwapOut tmrw/another day! :. by ZKCats .: SwapOut tmrw/another day! :. :iconzkcats:ZKCats 82 6

Points/Paypal Commissions!


Original journal + waiting list :
Points/Paypal Commissions! [CLOSED]![EDIT 3] Note to self : I probably need to update the prices in the future 8U They're pretty underpriced by normal market standards...
[EDIT 2] Wow the reception has been AMAZING! Thanks to all who asked to be in the waiting list these past few months!
But now I gotta stop taking in anymore until I finish all 42+ of these pending comms (That's... a lot to go through TwT)
Might make a proper journal to update this
[EDIT] Reminder that I'm CRAZY BUSY in university so I'll be way waaaayy behind on commissions, huge apologies for this. Be prepared to wait months!
also the reason why I prefer the waiting list and not everyone paying at once
I wanna clear these awesome guys first!
Thank you so much for commissioning me guys!! :heart:

If you're looking for another kind of commission, feel free to ask!
That's how the SONIC BATTLE Skill Card commission became available af
SONIC BATTLE COMMISSIONS LIST [UPDATE 2]:star:-------------------IMPORTANT-------------------:star:
I will be giving priority to those who've already PAID.
Remember, it's USD$18.00/1800 :points: [FUTURE PRICE WILL INCREASE]
I am still taking payments for those in the waiting list!
Please tell me any details for the pose too!
Note me if you want to pay with paypal and I'll update your status to [PAID]!
If you are paying through :points:, go to the commissions widget on my profile page (below the polls!)
:star: PLEASE DO SO ONLY IF YOU ARE AT LEAST 90% certain you want this commission, no matter how long it takes! It's hard to do refunds!
Good news is that I should be able to work more on these once I graduate, sometime in May-June.
:star:NOTE: I will be skipping those who have not paid yet or still [PENDING] unless they pay me.:star: For example, IF I


Sonic Battle HD [Skill Card]
:new: Price per character - 1800 :points: / USD $18.00
[Includes icon version!][See gallery for full version]

If Paypal is preferred, please send a note instead!

[For those in the current list only!]



ZKCats has started a donation pool!
1,000 / 1,200
Just enough for the next CORE membership I think?

Donate to support me! Thanks in advance! :love::heart:

You must be logged in to donate.
Yyeaahh aside from the SWAPOUT comic and commissions I've been busy thinking of setting up a Patreon oAo

Untitled-1 by ZKCats111

I took upon myself a daily doodle thing this year which i'm hoping could be a Patreon reward for the $3 tier. I'm uploading these previews daily on my Twitter and Instagram

But after seeing people like
Ross Draws and his awesome Patreon I start to wonder if anyone would even want to pay for my shit *CRIES SILENTLY LOUDLY TO MYSELF*

Here's a preview of what I'm thinking so far for the reward tiers :
Patreon Wip by ZKCats111

super zoomed out view of all the stuff on the page lol

I'm having my doubts but yeah it'd really help to have some sort of income for my own personal expenses and if it's actually possible to do stuff for Patreon full-time after graduating. i mighttt be taking on more than my energy level can take but I AM AN AWKWARD EXTREMELY INTROVERT AMBITIOUS YOUNG ADULT WHO STRUGGLES WITH LIFE WHADDYA WANT ME TO DO 8'U

For now I *could* launch it with just up to the $3 tiers because that's all I can do without breaking right now.

Let me know what you think!

~Cats :heart:

also I wanted to get that depressing journal out of the front page


SwapOut page going up in about 45 mins! NOW! \OwO/ It turned out to be a simpler page this time (only 5 panels) so I got it done! It's not much this week but... that's all there is to today's plan 8'3 Pacing instead of cramming everything into one page is good too!

SO UH PREPARE YOUR TISSUES I GUESS?? (or just grab one from this pile here Tissue Box (Icon) Tissue Box (Icon) Tissue Box (Icon) )

Flowerfell - Secret Garden instrumental WIP 2

Secret Garden is one of my absolute favourite Undertale-based songs by the fact that it’s not an OST with fan lyrics, it’s entirely fan made and it’s so good <3 Today’s the first time I tried transcribing a thing for real and it’s thanks to my bro teaching me how he does his stuff :thumbsup: There’s still a bunch to do on it but I’ll leave it here for now! Might not finish it but I’m slowly adding to my skillset nonetheless! Still new to this music stuff |’D

That being said, heads up! I *might* not get a SwapOut page up on time tomorrow, it’s been a long week ~.~ I’ll definitely try though, hopefully I'll at least reply to the awesome messages on Tumblr :heart:

I was more tired than usual so I was scared tmrw's SwapOut page won't be nice but after I cleaned up the lines it's turning out pretty good... I'm loving it <'3 Will be even more tired tmrw but hopefully I can colour it! :heart:

We're reaching the main story point of the whole comic!! I took this risk from the very start so depending on your reactions iT'S MAKE OR BREAK FOR MEEEE *hands out Escape Ropes to those who want to escape this thing* Papyrus Emoticon Icon Gif - Undertale jump window
Sorry about the feels in the latest SwapOut page TwT but here's more unrelated feels with the skelebros :…
Just finished the lines for this week's SwapOut comic page with a bunch of panels, papyrus heads and dialogue, hopefully will post tomorrow! \OwO/ Approaching Papyrus Chat IconApproaching Papyrus Chat Icon Underswap Papyrus Icon :heart:


Artist | Student | Digital Art
Thank you soo very much for the ID :iconrnom:!!! Absolutely LOVE it!!:hug: :heart:



Hi guys! I'm Cats! :iconkittyglompplz:

I have two siblings-
Sister - :icontigerpegasus:
Brother - :iconzero-falcon:

And I have waayyy too much interest in many mediums and several fandoms x'D
I hope to get to know you better!!~ ^w^

Tumblr! :
Twitter! :
Livestream channel! :




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